Fighting the Feds: 2023’s HB219

Last week Rep. Lisonbee’s House bill, bearing the unassuming name of “Firearms Regulations,” favorably passed through the House Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Committee. Per the bill’s summary, it aims to “declare the state’s commitment to the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution, and declare that the state and its political subdivisions will not enforce federal laws that purport to restrict or ban certain firearms, ammunition, or firearms accessories.”  Full text of the bill can be found here

Although Rep. Lisonbee does not go into detail about what federal restrictions the bill might address, an onlooker would assume it’s addressing the ATF’s newest regulatory stab at pistol braces, which is representative of the larger attack on American gun owners. We’ve written previously on why we believe the ATF is attacking braces–first posted a few years ago when the ATF was attempting something similar–the full text of which is available here. That article and the ongoing ATF attack on braces is summed up by the following: the ATF is abusing regulatory power to create an impossibly complex and convoluted series of feature combinations that effectively ban the ownership of pistol braces. 

While it’s currently unclear whether this bill intentionally targets a specific regulation (like the pistol brace regulation), or what part this bill plays in Utah’s larger role in this upcoming legal battle around braces and other accessories (if any),  we appreciate Rep. Lisonbee’s commitment to putting forward strengthening language on the issue of the States vs. the Federal Government in defense of the Second Amendment, and we look forward to hopefully seeing this pass into law.