New Logo Announcement

There are a number of great groups in Utah looking to protect the right to bear arms and other fundamental liberties. An unfortunate side-effect of this is much of our signage looks similar, which leads to confusion, and reduces our collective ability to clearly communicate and interact with both legislators and our supporters.

Utah Firearms Association was a little later to the game than some others, so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to do a little re-branding.

As such, our logo has undergone a redesign. We will begin using a new logo starting ASAP for all our written communications, print material, and Internet-based signage, although we will have some older media that will still bear our old logo.

To be clear, the Utah Firearms Association has not changed it’s mission, nor have our goals, leadership, or priorities changed.

We appreciate your patience as we work on updating all our branding on the site, social media, and printed media avenues. Thanks for your continued support!