Recap Week 1: ERPO/Red Flag Introduced, Bills Advance to Rules

One week closer to March 12th. One major update was the introduction of a “red flag law” by Rep. Stephen Handy, as we expected him to do. That is bill HB229. It and other gun-related bills have all moved into Rules Committee, and have had no action yet.

We’re still hoping to see some more pro-firearms bills get numbered over the coming week, there is rumor that a permitless CCW bill could come out of drafting sometime soon; whether or not this holds true, it’s still prudent to remind your Representatives that you support the right to carry without the state’s permission first.

Voluntary Do-Not-Buy List?

Rep. A. Cory Maloy has filed for draft another bill that modifies our “Safe Harbor” law and would allow an individual to put themselves voluntarily on the do-not-buy list, so in the event they attempt to purchase a firearm while on the list, they will be denied.

Our opinion on this is ambivalent; we support and applaud any effort to offer more options to gun owners to help them make themselves and their homes safe during times of difficulty. We are, however, concerned that such a process lays the groundwork to move it from voluntary to involuntary; these are concerns that the sponsor shares however and we will prepare accordingly to ensure that those don’t materialize in the future.