HB 149: Prohibition on Certain Restrictions on Firearms

The Utah Firearms Association SUPPORTS This Bill!

This bill is currently in our Bill Tracker. You can monitor it’s status from there. The full body of the bill can be viewed on the le.utah.gov site here.

  • To email, SMS or call your representative about this bill, find your legislator’s contact information here at le.utah.gov.
  • To contact the bill sponsor, Representative Maloy, email corymaloy@le.utah.gov, or call or text 801-477-0019.


Don’t let the potentially confusing bill title fool you; this is a bill worth supporting. The text of the bill is as follows:

32          (1) A residential property management authority may not restrict a resident’s lawful
33     carry or possession of a firearm for personal defense within an area over which the resident has
34     exclusive control.

Renters Have The Right to Bear Arms, Too

There are more renters today than any other time since at least 1965, according to a Pew study in 2017. Simultaneously, house prices in Utah are rising faster than wages, forcing more and more Utahns into the position of renting versus buying.

Your income and housing preference should not dictate whether or not you can exercise the right to keep and bear arms.

We would no sooner accept a limitation on practice of religion, prayer and political orientation by residential property management; on those same grounds, we reject efforts that look to restrict the natural right to keep and bear arms.

We urge you to contact both the sponsor of this bill, as well as your own Representatives, and recommend they support this bill.